Casa Monteripido accommodates University Students from Italy and abroad in an area entirely dedicated to them, giving them the opportunity to live in a friendly, communal environment, to achieve their study goals and to enrich their relationships with others.
Casa Monteripido offers to its students:

  • Single rooms with bathroom
  • Room cleaning service
  • Free internet access in every room
  • Kitchen, dining hall and pantry
  • Laundry room
  • Study rooms, TV rooms and snack rooms
  • Ample outdoor spaces
  • Car parking


Students are required:

  • To commit themselves to their studies
  • To be willing to share community life with the other students
  • To accept the code of conduct of  Casa Monteripido

What they say about us…

“I arrived in MR by chance during a travel. It is a place in which I use to come back now. The beauty of the monastery and of the place in which is settled, the people who live in there that help to make the place even more comfortable and nice, the possibility of sharing all of this… all of this makes living in MR a precious experience.”
“In September I’ll begin my third year in MR. Thanks to the monks, the personal that works here and the students who live here MR became for me a new house and a new family in which everybody is caring for the others. Here you will never be alone.”
Santina from Foggia (23 years old) - Physics
“I lived in MR for one year, and I think that is an accommodation in which you can really study, grow and socialize. A place in which you are not just one person but where you are simply yourself. It seems to be at home, and thanks to the help of the monks and of the other residents/students everybody cares for each other. Here you are never alone”
Daniela from Lecce (20 years old) - Law
“MR is a place where you learn how to understand yourself and the others, where you can meet people from all over the world.”
Anna from Ferrara (26 years old)
“My name is Nicola, I come from Lecce, I study economy and this is my second year in MR. Everyday I am proud of this choice, that I did in August 2013. MR is a place of peace and confrontation between different cultures/religions, where I am spending my time in a enjoyable and healthy way. I cannot say more than this because the emotions that you live here are not explicable.”
Nicola (22 years old) - Economy

Perugia has an ancient university tradition that soon intersected with the Franciscan one.

One of the places in which this happened was the Monastery of San Francesco del Monte – Monteripido, nearby the university in an area in which nature, history, art, and religion are connected together.

A city like Perugia is the perfect place for meetings and exchanges. which can lead us to happiness and truth, but it can also be a complex place to live in.

For these reasons an accommodation like Casa Monteripido, which connects learning with a communitarian experience of life, helps students to flourish in all aspects of their lives.

Nearby the convent of San Francesco del Monte in Perugia there is Casa Monteripido, accommodation for both students and teachers, which offers a wonderful environment for conferences and religious meetings. The Casa welcomes Italian and foreign students, but accepts all the people who want to find the right place for their studies supported by a familiar community.

The well known Biblioteca Storica, the Antico Refettori and all the other rooms of the Convent, which express the prestige and the beauty of the accommodation, are the places for conferences and meetings.