For more than 50 years the community of Monteripido welcomes university students that after the second world war decided to attend the University of Perugia.

Thanks to the experience of fra Felice Vincenzi, a monk of the 60s of Perugia and the guardian p.Igino Spaccini, it was proposed the idea of building a new area. This new section was meant for students who wanted to study in Perugia.

The idea was accepted by all the community of the monks, and during the 70s also the aim of the new accommodation was identified. In the development of Monteripido an important passage was the increasing of the number of the residents in 1966, which was the first real group of students of the accommodation. In the January 1966 there were only three students but in December of the same year there were twelve of them. So in 1966 the Felice Vincenzi’s project became reality.

From the beginning the monks wanted to give their peculiar Christian education to the students, following the indications of the Superiors. In 1972 the constant growing number of residents created the need of a specialized management for the accommodation, in fact the first director was nominated, he was p.Giammaria Polidoro. In 1975 under the leadership of the new-nominated Ministro Provinciale p.Giulio Mancini was created a Council, that was composed by the vice-director p.Aurelio Rughetti and two other monks p.Fedele Confaloni (the guardian) and p.Ugolino Nicolini (famous professor of history at the University of Perugia), for the direction of Monteripido.

From now on the accommodation became a prestigious educative center, and this was proven two years later, in the 1977 Monteripido was chosen for an international Conference on phenomenological studies. Its importance was suggested not only by the great number of residents, but also from the famous professors (few of them came from the USA) that took part to the meeting. In the Autumn of the same year p.Aurelio Rughetti became director of the accommodation, and he remain in this role for more than 15 years. He had to face the new requirements of the 1984′ laws which established that all the accommodations had to acquire a juridical profile.

A new phase for Monteripido began in 1989 after the earthquake which destroyed the Coventry of Farneto, and all the monks that lived there moved to Monteripido. Those new residents obtain the area known as “seminarietto” while the students could remain in the halls because of their small number. The community of the 1989 did not change until the 1996, when the destroyed Coventry was repaired and the monks could go back to their previous residence, and Monteripido came back to its role of educative center under the guide of p. Giulio Michelini director since the 1993.

In 1997 a new earthquake had its epicenter in Colfiorito and it affected a broad area between Perugia and Assisi, destroying Basilicas, Coventry , and numerous houses. All the clarisse of the monastery of S.Chiara, because as the monks of Farneto they had to move. Also during this short period the monks did not refute to welcome students, that could enjoy the presence of the nuns.

Few days before the Christmas of the 2000, the Ministro Provinciale, p.Massimo Reschiglian set up a commission for a new redefinition of the role of the accommodation. This commission proposed a project that p.Pietro Messa controlled during its development. After the first year ad experimentum the project proved its effectiveness, in fact in 2004 the accommodation was closed for huge works of restoration.

After few years the activity of the accommodation started again under the guide p.Matteo Marcheselli that called it Casa Monteripido. With this reopening the accommodation began to welcome also guests as a hotel.

Since 2009 the role of director of Casa Monteripido was taken by fr.Alessandro Mantini, p.Giulio Michelini in his second job, p.Paolo Zampollini and, since 2012 fr. Massimo Chieruzzi.

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Partita di calcetto a Monteripido (1965)

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