The university accommodation Casa Monteripido welcomes female and male students, as teachers, who want to find fulfilment with their academic life, with open arms.

The accommodation is settled in the friary of San Francesco del Monte in Perugia, and it is managed by the Provincia Serafica dei Frati Minori di Umbria-Sardegna, which delegates the management to the Director and to the Vice-director, that are supported by the entire community.

a. All rooms have private toilettes. For the students Casa Monteripido offers common spaces like: a studying room, a TV room with vending machines, luggage room, rooms for washing and for ironing, and a garden which is inside the walls of the accommodation.

b. The community of the monks gives you the possibility to use, for free, two kitchens (one for teachers and one for students) which are both connected to two cafeterias equipped with a pantries.

c. The reception is open everyday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

d. The rooms, the studying room, and the TV room are equipped with a free wifi connection.

e. The rooms are cleaned (the towels and sheets are changed as well) by the accommodation’s personal once per week.

a. all the residents have to behave and to respect the behavioural rules of any accommodation or hotel, but also the specific rules established by the accommodation which will follow:
b. it s required a friendly and respectful behaviour with all the monks, the employees of the accommodation, the other residents, and the place as well.
c. together with the studying effort is required the kindness of sharing the communitarian life. The students have to participate to the opening of the new academic year and to the meetings, organised by the director, for checking the situation.
d. Every resident has to keep the necessary condition for living together – such as: order, proper hygienic conditions, and respect – both for his/her room and the common areas.
e. From 10 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. the residents should avoid all the noises in common areas, halls, and rooms.
f. The accommodation gives to all the residents the keys for all the entrances of the building. The resident have to keep those keys, otherwise they will pay fees.
g. Even if there is not a curfew, all the residents should respect the place, the other people that are living in the accommodation. The trust that Casa Monteripido gives to the residents has to be proven by their respect.
h. In case of misbehaviour the director, with all the community of the monks, keeps the faculty of sending away anyone of the residents.
I. Rooms

a. the rooms are not common areas or places in which the residents can study together, so it is forbidden to the all the residents to go in a room that is not their own.

b. It is not allowed either to smoke or to use electrical appliances in the rooms (according to the Italian Law D.Lgs. 81/2008). It s not allowed to move the furnitures, to have flower pots, and to dry the clothes from the windows.

c. When the rooms are cleaned, the employee will clean the pavement, change the sheets and the towels, but she will not tidy the room, because this is a duty of every resident.

d. Every resident has to aerate the room to avoid going moldy.

e. The employees are allowed to check the condition of the rooms.

II. Common areas

a. The kitchen, the cafeteria, and the pantry are given by the accommodation for free to all the students that want to use those areas, but in doing so it is required from the users to respect those places.

b. All the residents can use the TV in the TV room.

c. The studying room is usable by all the students and teachers for a personal and silent study. Otherwise they can use the other common areas or specific rooms that the accommodation offers to the residents, which can be used only on request.

d. A large parking lot is available to all the residents, so it is forbidden to leave the cars in other areas which are not the parking lot. The small parking lot near the main entrance of the accommodation is only for loading/unloading operations.

e. In all the areas of the accommodation the residents have to be behave well.

a. if the residents ask to the director, they are allowed to bring guests/visitors from outside in the kitchen, cafeteria, and the TV room. It is forbidden to bring people to any other area of the house.

b. In any case the guests/visitors from outside have to leave at 10:30 p.m.

c. For the student’s parents are available rooms for a cheaper price by reservation.

a. Any resident is welcome only after a personal interview with the director of the accommodation and his explicit acceptance.

b. If not specified the permanence inside Casa Monteripido is for all the academic year 1st of October to the 31st of July.

c. The student can use the first monthly rent as a test, and if he/she likes the place he/she has to reserve the rest of his/her stay.

a. For the residents who reserve their stay from the 1st of October to the 31st of July the rent is of 360€ per month.

b. The rent is paid from the first day until the last day of the month, it is not considered the actual permanence of the residents in the accommodation.

c. The rent includes all the services described in the section II.

d. The students are welcome also from August or September according to different prices mentioned in the brochure.

e. It is allowed to pay the rent in different ways (by cash, check, credit transfer, and credit card) until the 15th of the month in the reception of the accommodation, every working day morning and Thursday afternoon.

f. For brothers/sisters that live in the accommodation the rent is of 330€ per month.

g. For staying that are shorter than the all the academic year the prices follow this price list.

a. At the beginning of the stay every resident has to leave a deposit of the same amount of the monthly rent, according the procedure described in the reservation module.

b. The deposit had to be paid at the moment of receiving the keys or at the end of the first month if the stay is allowed by the director.
c. the deposit is considered as payment of the last monthly rent (the one of July), but it will be taken by the accommodation in case of:
– premature departure of the student that was not specified at the moment of the reservation.
– damaging caused by the resident.
– not cleaning the kitchen and the cafeteria, the amount of money will be the one that is necessary to pay a private cleaning company for washing those areas of the accommodation.

a. Casa Monteripido offers other services like:

b. Parking lot, which is inside the complex. The rent is of 10€ per month in addiction of the monthly rent.

c. Cleaning products. Those products are offered to the residents for an additional fee of 20€ (for all the year) to pay when the resident will receive the keys (for other information see section I).

d. Printer. Every resident can ask a password for the printer of the computer in the studying room. The cost is of 0,04€ per copy, which will be added to the monthly rent.

e. Extraordinary Cleaning. It is possible to ask for an extraordinary cleaning (in which there will be changed towels and sheets as well) service for a cost of 6/8€.