The university accommodation Casa Monteripido welcomes female and male students, as teachers, who want to find fulfilment with their academic life, with open arms.

The accommodation is settled in the friary of San Francesco del Monte in Perugia, and it is managed by the Provincia Serafica dei Frati Minori di Umbria-Sardegna, which delegates the management to the Director and to the Vice-director, that are supported by the entire community.

As a Franciscan educative centre, Casa Monteripido requires from the residents a high academic effort and a good human development.

Following the Franciscan anthropology, which defines the person as a rational and constant growing being, Casa Monteripido has the tendency to encourage friendship and to make people more open-minded. In this environment we hope to be able to give you all the support that you need to find a way to shape your future.

So we offer you the chances for an intellectual, human, and if you wish, a Christian development.

Thanks to an everyday life sharing and through different kinds of social and cultural exchanges, Casa Monteripido helps to create a communitarian environment, because we believe that living and sharing with other people are key features of the person’s growth.

Together with the other Catholic accommodations within the group of ACRU (Association of Catholic Colleges and Residences) we provide a high quality for your stay, trying with our Casa to promote integration between males, females, Italians, foreigners, different cultures, and different religions.

According to the Franciscan spirit, we believe that the community is the best place for the best development. In the community is emphasised the values of togetherness, of interaction, of exchange, of unity, of happiness, of peace, and forgiveness.

Going to the university means for a lot of students to leave the parents’ house and for this reason having a new reference point becomes essential for all of them. The Director ,and the entire community of the monks, give you a warm welcome and either support you directly or give you the chance to meet the right person that will help you in finding your future.

For those of you that would like to follow the Christian education, we offer the possibility to pray with a religious community and a series of meetings with the Franciscan Youth which has its

administration here. There are also a lot of initiatives of the Pastorale Universitaria Diocesana, in which the monks are officially involved.

The thing that makes your stay here better is the effort that everyone puts in the community, which is also the first key feature of our educational system. We are the protagonist of our own growth, and in this sense Casa Monteripido gives us the opportunity to enjoy the best environment possible.