ACRU (Association of Catholic Colleges and Residences)

The association unites the university colleges and residences to focus the attention on their peculiar roles in education, upbringing, growth (as humans and as believers) of the university students. The aims of the association are mentioned on the Charta of the Christian colleges.

The association wants, without any profit, to focus its attention on a possible collaboration with both university colleges/accommodations and public institutions (the competent ministry, the chancellors of the Italian universities and all the Regions) to promote the right to education.

Charta of the Christian colleges

Who we are

The university colleges promoted by the associations, religious congregations, cooperatives, foundations and dioceses are educative institutions in the form of communities. All of them support and promote the growth of the student.

The university colleges realize, with the university institutions and the other cultural organisations (national and international), the idea of campus, a place in which the students are motivated and guided to be the protagonists of their own growth and one day help the progress of the society.


The university colleges promote the hospitality, the educative and religious company for the students also for international exchanges. Because of their role of educative centre they give the chance for dialogues between cultures and religions.

The complete development based on the Christian anthropology and its values has its aim in leading the students, and in general all the young generations, to their personal growth, their individual and communitarian responsibilities for a better future in the name of cultural and social community.

What we do

The university College wants to create a community based on cultural and social activities (sports, research programme, development programme, voluntary service, and religious bustle.


The specific education and development of the university colleges is based on educational programme in which all the aims, resources, activities are defined.

Particular attention is given to the personal research, the discovery, the support and realization of the skills and qualities of everybody, that are appreciated in all the social spheres (the university, the job, and the casualties of the everyday life).

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