• Opening times

    From 8:30 to 13:30

    • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
    • On other weekdays, consultation service is available with the consent of the director.
    • Summer closure: July 1 – August 31.
  • Services to the public

    • Consultation and study on the premises
    • Bibliographic reference assistance and access on online databases
    • Internet access
    • Print or digital copy of documents, in compliance with copyright legislation
  • Cultural activities

    • The direction, by telephone or email arrangement, offers guided tours of the friary and the historical library to groups and associations.
    • The Direction offers the historical library for cultural events: conferences, conventions, and concerts.
  • Contacts

    Fr. Georges Massinelli, librarian:


One event which drew the attention of Perugia was the building of the new library. This work began in 1794 through the good offices of Fr Carlo Maria Angeletti of Perugia. The foundation stone was laid by Monsignor Riccardo Fernaini, Bishop of Perugia, on the foundations of a citadel or fortress begun in 1644 under Pope Urban VIII. The works, entrusted to the Perugian architect Pietro Carattoli, were carried forward with the entire city committed to sustaining the works, and vying in giving generously to that end. The library measures 22 metres by 14 metres by 10 metres.

In this monumental seat of learning came together the valuable bibliographic collections of the Franciscan Theological Studium at Monteripido, to be newly housed and catalogued. New collections were added to these books, offered by friars and lay benefactors. There was no way of knowing that the Monteripido Library, endowed with some 10,000 volumes, perfectly classified and arranged on special custom-made shelves, was shortly to be dismantled and dispersed, first with the Napoleonic requisitions in 1810 and then with the state’s taking over property in 1866. Because of this, the most valuable texts were transferred to Perugia City Library and the University Library. In 1874, the friars reacquired the library at auction and recovered the library furnishings and shelving. The library currently holds some 23,000 volumes, including 18th and 19th century manuscripts, rare incunables and a valuable archive with 16th century documents. In the 1990s, the splendid decorated ceiling was restored by Paolo Brizi da Fano.